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SOULL is an open online platform to provide selected information about past and recent research activities of legal linguistics: an international bibliography of language and law (ibl); dossiers about selected topics; information about various research groups of legal linguistics, especially of the Heidelberg Group (established in 1983); a list of important journals and book series about language and law; a repository of open publications; and collections of data (especially text corpora) for empirical research on the language of the law.

Editor & Contact: Prof. Dr. Friedemann Vogel.

This platform is under maintanance (19.10.2019)

International Bibliography of Language and Law

Search for publications published in the field of legal linguistics.


Collected information on selected topics of language and law research: Corpus Linguistics & Law

Research Groups of Legal Linguistics

List and short information about past and recent research groups of legal linguistics around the world.

Heidelberg Group of Legal Linguistics

Collected information about past and recent activities, publications etc. of the worldwide oldest research group of legal linguistics.

Journals and Series

Overview of important journals and book series of language and law.

Text Repository of Legal Linguistics

Open Access to papers of Language and Law.

Corpora – Research Data

List of important text collections (corpora) for language and law research.